Our Team

Peter Flintoft (Owner)

Peter started his contracting business in 1990 when he returned from working the grain harvest in Australia and the USA. He takes pride in being able to provide a complete contracting service without compromising on quality. Growing up in the Amuri Basin has given Pete a comprehensive understanding of the area, the people, the land and its seasonal changes. Watching the land change from a dry un-irrigated basin to boarder dyke irrigation, to centre pivot irrigation, and the transformation from sheep and beef to the very present dairy industry now has allowed Peter to continually change his service offerings and ensure Flintoft Contractors are at the top of their game.


Flintoft Contractors currently employs approximately 15 staff members in peak season, all of whom are committed to providing farmers with the best contracting service possible. If you think you’ve got what it takes to join the team, visit the Work For Us page or get in touch by calling Peter on 0274 388 097.